Refund Policy


All items for sale are subject to existing stock. Orders will be processed in order of arrival. In the event of a stock outage, the customer will be duly notified and we promise to ship the order as soon as possible.


All prices shown are in € (Euros) and include VAT at the legal rate.


Failure to pay for the order within 48 (forty-eight) hours after the date of placing the order implies its automatic cancellation.


The amount to be charged depends on the place of delivery, in mainland Portugal, the Islands (Azores and Madeira) or another international destination, the postage is calculated based on the weight of the goods in question.


Upon completion of the Purchase, the customer will receive an email confirming receipt. Within a maximum period of 2 (two) business days, you will receive a new email confirming the acceptance of the order and its shipment.

Note that in the busiest months (October to December) orders may take up to 3 (three) business days for orders placed after 3:00 pm.


The delivery time is calculated in business days, that is, it does not include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The estimated delivery time is 4 (four) to 15 (fifteen) business days after shipment.


Associação Kambami is not responsible for the incorrect or incomplete filling in of the destination address of orders placed in the virtual store. If misfilling occurs, the package (Order) will be returned to the Kambami Association , and a new fee will be required to reship the item.


The Kambami Association informs that depending on the Customer's country of origin, the package (order) may be subject to the fees indicated below, and the Kambami Association cannot be held responsible for the payment of said fees:

  • Brexit Fee: Fee applied to all shipments to and from the UK, in addition to the normal customs clearance fees.
  • Customs clearance fee: The customs clearance fee applies to all shipments accompanied by a commercial invoice or shipments weighing more than 20kg and/or declared value greater than 22 (twenty-two) euros accompanied by proforma invoices when the recipient is located outside the European Economic Area.


The Customer may exercise the right of termination without demanding any compensation, within a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which he acquires physical possession of the good.

To exercise this right, you have 14 (fourteen) working days, after receiving the order, to contact Associação Kambami , via e-mail: , indicating the reason for the return and a copy of the Sales Invoice / Receipt of purchase.

After receiving the email indicating the reason for the return and a copy of the Sales Invoice / Purchase Receipt. The Client must, within a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of communication of the resolution, return the goods to Associação Kambami in the proper conditions of use.

The packaging must be returned complete, as delivered and accompanied by all the documentation received, namely the following documents: sales invoice and the document proving receipt of the product. The package and documents indicated must be sent to the following address:

Kambami Association

Rua Sousa Lopes, 10B, 1600-207 Lisboa

If the Customer opts for other forms of return, the respective shipping costs will be their responsibility.

Upon receipt of the return at the Kambami Association , the amount corresponding to the amount paid for the order (invoice amount) will be returned to the Customer. If you have used a promotional discount code, this amount will not be refunded, that is, the refund will only be for the amount actually paid.

The form of reimbursement of the amount to be returned depends on the means of payment used in the respective order. In the case of payments with PayPal and MBWay, the amount will be credited to the respective account. In other cases, when IBAN information is provided, the refund is made to the indicated bank account. The refund is made within 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the return for free resolution and the return of the goods.

If any of the components of the item sold are missing, or if any of them are not in excellent condition, there will be no refund of the sale price and the product will be sent back to the original shipping address.


When an order cannot be delivered for reasons that are not the responsibility of Associação Kambami , we will receive your item back. We will then refund the full amount of your purchase within 14 (fourteen) business days of receiving your package (order), minus the costs of shipping and returning the package (order).

Items sent free as gifts are not refundable.


If eventually your order is not in conditions upon reception, you must inform the carrier as well as notify the Kambami Association via email: to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.


The Invoice / Purchase Receipt will be sent together with the order or by email.


Only people aged 18 (eighteen) years or older can shop online.

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