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African Moment - Tour


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African Moment will be the experience that will immerse us beyond the moment... it will immerse us in a cultural and sensory experience

African moment will start with a private tour at Galeria African Arte Lisboa, in which we will have a specialist in the area who will make sure that the public not only knows but can also "experience" a little of "black" art, thus opening the curtains of a stage that will showcase the true history and non-material value of African art and culture.

It is an experience in which the public, through each piece of art, will be able to know and feel the magic of African cultural diversity.
In addition to historical knowledge, there will be the memory of nurturing the spirit and soul through poetry. The recital with Poetisa Vera Furtado will be a true journey in Kriolo through the culture of Cape Verde.

And to end our tour, we will have a gastronomic moment in a Mozambican restaurant where you can enjoy fantastic cuisine so that the public can taste a little of the flavors of Africa and so that we can celebrate it around the table our friendship, our art and our culture.

because African Moment is...

for you...

for us....

for art and...

by culture.

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