14 | 06 | 2023


The Kambami Association invites you to Arraial de Santos in Bairro do Rego, which will take place on June 17th (Saturday) at 3:00 pm on Rua Alberto de Sousa (Lisbon).

This event will be fantastic and will be very culturally enriching for all of us, making it a memorable and unique afternoon/evening for everyone who will be present.

The event will feature:

Parade Marches – Kola San Jon- ACMJ

MALA School - *Master Arnaldo Louro de Almeida

Visit to the Volcanoes of Wind, Sun and Sea exhibition - Catarina Rosa

African Poetry - Vera Furtado

Tasting flavors of Cape Verde - Cachupa & snacks

and above all, there will be a lot of socializing and cultural exchange

Totally free event (dinner will also be completely free)

We will count on your presence because Kambami is:

For you...

For us...

For art...

And for Culture.

What are you looking for?